Turtle bay in Oahu, Hawaii turned out to be the perfect location for engagement photos. The north coast is famous for its pristine scenery, wide open skies, and winter time big wave surfing. As its name denotes, the once endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle also makes its home along the shoreline. They are most often found along Turtle Beach (also known as Laniakea Beach) bathing on the sunny beaches. Although I was there to photograph these two lovebirds it was very hard not to be distracted by the gorgeous location.

Tara completely matched our location. The stunning views for a stunning couple. I was very thankful to photograph these two. Not only was it a nice opportunity to escape to Hawaii for some time, but getting to know them was also a privilege. Some of you may recognize Tara Mackey, but how you know her most likely varies. In fact, it’s very hard to meet anyone this successful in so many different trades.

You may know Tara Mackey from one of her best selling books. The two books are Cured by Nature and Wild Habits. She also has a widely popular blog titled The Organic Life. If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you recognize her name from the company she founded called Genetix. This is her all organic skincare company. Still not familiar? Then you might also want to know she is also an aspiring musical artist. Of course, she doesn’t just stop there either, and you may have also heard her speak at some popular convention. The woman is on fire and she doesn’t look like she’s stopping anytime soon!

We started our session just behind the popular Turtle Bay Resort. Here the ironwood trees gave us every opportunity to be creative. We made our way along the coast until we got to our last barrier before the ocean. The porous rocks with their jagged edges provided the foreground for the famous open sky. The perfect time to bring out the wide lens.

Of course you can’t go to Turtle Bay and not enjoy the water. So, after working through some lush foliage and transitioning to the beach, Tara made it an honest beach photography session. I’m so thankful I had the chance to spend time with these two in such a beautiful location. Turtle Bay in Hawaii turned out to be the perfect spot to capture these engagement pictures. Hope the best for you guys and the marriage!

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Engagement pictures of a couple in the trees on turtle bay in Hawaii
Couple on the beach on turtle bay in Hawaii taking their engagement photos.
Engagement photo shoot for a couple in turtle bay in Hawaii.
Engaged couple standing on the rocks at Turtle Bay in Hawaii
Engagement photo shoot on the beach at Turtle Bay, Hawaii.
A couple relaxing on the beach at Turtle Bay, Hawaii after their engagement.

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