Glacier Park Senior Pictures | Maya

High school senior year is such a pivotal moment in anyone’s life. After high school, the different paths one can take in life begin to show themselves, and for Maya, the number of different directions she can go are plentiful. I was so excited when I was asked to do Glacier Park senior pictures for her and knew we were going to have quite the summer ahead of us. Maya and her family did not disappoint.

Maya was a three-part senior. We began our adventures by heading out only a few miles out of Great Falls to find the blooming sainfoin fields. She knew she wanted to catch these blooming legumes in their narrow window, so in early summer we took the first of her senior pictures. She and her mom didn’t hesitate for one moment as I asked them to brave the field’s bugs and pose like nothing was happening around them. After seeing them in action, I knew our Glacier Park senior pictures were going to be a cinch.

Glacier Park senior pictures are always a production with traveling, scouting, and braving the new park permit protocols, but they’re also always worth it! Maya brought her whole family with her this go-around to utilize the landscape for family photos, which also meant we had entertainment for the whole day. We started with our priority, Maya’s senior pictures, and went up and down Avalanche Lake trail stopping whenever the crowds were minimal. The best part of Avalanche Lake trail is you pass through a number of ecosystems in a short amount of distance, which gives the illusion that photos were taken in a number of different locations. Such a great asset for photography! After we scrambled through some rocks by the creek and finished with the cedars, we hopped back in our cars and headed back to Lake McDonald. The vast stretch of water and mountain background never disappoints. The adventure in Maya told her she had to go in the water and I totally agreed. We ended the day the best way we could and stopped at the local Eddie’s Ice Cream in Apgar Village.

Now originally the Glacier Park senior pictures were supposed to end here, but I had to call in a favor only a few weeks ago. While gathering more content for business use I asked Maya and her mom to make a trip to Bozeman. They happily obliged and made a girl’s trip out of it. I was so happy as they let me drag them around town all day and put up with all my bossiness. The Glacier Park senior pictures ended up being a little more than just Glacier, but well worth all of our side adventures. Thank you to Maya and her family again for a great year of photos and can’t wait for all the many more years to come!

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