The Koon wedding took place in Bozeman Montana. A party this fun made it that much easier to photograph
Mitch and Mccall was one of the easiest weddings I've photographed in Bozeman Montana. The Romigs showcased each landscape Montana has to offer.
Bozeman Montana took a difference scene for Max and Alexis. Their wedding was photographed in an urban setting.
Bozeman Montana not only offers beautiful landscape scenery. Weddings can also be photographed in an urban setting.
How can you describe Bozeman Montana without a snow covered sleigh ride? This wedding was every production a photographer hopes for at some point in their career.
Being at the right place at the right time in Bozeman Montana has its perks. This wedding party went overboard resulting in some of the most unique photographs.

Hello! I’m Matt Ehnes


Although I do various kinds of photography, I choose to specialize in weddings because it is where I can capture genuine emotion in its rawest form with people who want memories both created and treasured. The magnitude and spectrum of emotion is comparable to only a handful of other life events. For me there is a thrill in the challenge and trust of capturing these moments in a timeless manner. I welcome all walks of life and look forward to every opportunity I have to learn something new. As I continue my growth and development as an artist, I look forward to crossing paths with so many diverse individuals.

Living in Bozeman, Montana and I love to travel! If you have any questions please contact me and I will get back to you!







A camera in my hand has always brought a certain peace in my life, but the reason I continue to pursue a career in photography is based on the potential impact a photo can have. The whole process of meeting new people, learning different ways of life, and creating a priceless product for others to imprint on is more than I can ask out of life. This is why I pursued my passion at the Brooks Institute for 3 years where I studied all forms of art and took advantage of the unique culture that the L.A. area has to offer. After graduating, I made my way back to Montana where I have enjoyed working weddings and various other shoots all over the state. 

Although wedding photography makes up a large part of my time, with what is remaining, I am constantly searching for the next way to challenge myself. I love the feeling of accomplishment that arrives when I strive for a goal and succeed in trying my best at it. Whether it’s learning how to surf in Hawaii, traveling across the world to Thailand or Italy to learn from a new culture, or currently training for a second bodybuilding competition, pushing my limits is a constant desire that follows me wherever I go. 

Every shoot brings its own diversity and personality. Every human deserves the opportunity to preserve treasured memories in a visual manner so they can become timeless for generations to come. The satisfaction I receive from working photography stems from providing this to others. In order to best succeed in this task I insist in talking to my clients and learning who they are, what they need, why they want what they want, and exchanging expectations so the wedding day will be celebrated with as little stress as possible.

As an artist I appreciate the myriad different styles of photography and understand that couple’s want a certain “look” to remember their day with. It is always my intention to capture images that express the same emotions as those that are engraved in the hearts of all who were present. The classic photos are always a must for the sake of memory, but my true specialty is producing wide photos that are typically in conjunction with a dramatic sky and a landscape that briefly slows time at its first view. I encourage all my clients to look over my work. If I am not quite the “look” you’re trying to accomplish feel free to call me anyways and I’d love to refer you in the right direction.


I choose to specialize in weddings because it is where I can capture genuine emotion in its rawest form with people who want memories both created and treasured. I do not, however, limit myself to just wedding photography.

Throughout the year I have a limited number of days reserved for other styles of photography. These can include, but are not limited to families, commercial work (headshots, advertisement, etc.), senior portraits, maternity, boudoir, and so on. If you would like to know more about pricing and availability you can contact me with your questions!

The need to preserve memories should not be limited by distance, so I absolutely travel for weddings! Just as I enjoy continually expanding my strengths in my art, so do I also enjoy exposing myself to different cultures and ways of life. In fact, I believe they go hand in hand. Previously I have been asked to travel by foot, car, train, plane, horse, and snowcat. The more adventurous the event, the more I welcome the challenge!

Whether it’s traveling through the busy cities of India for a showcased wedding, down south to Cabo for a vow renewal, or a 6 hour hike in Glacier National Park for an elopement ceremony, I am willing to make sure your memories last. Wherever you want your special events to take place, my camera and I will be willing to follow!


My blog will be continually updated, so if you need more material to peruse you can visit my blog for previous weddings I’ve shot, as well as different kinds of sessions.

If you’re ready to begin talking details you can submit an inquiry on my contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. From there I will call or email you and we can chat more!