The Schaffer Family

Introducing the Schaffer Family! Any that know this special crew know just how special family truly is to them. There were no words to describe how connected they all were when rocking out their family session! Check them out!

Could these two sisters share any more of a special bond?!

When one of the bloopers ends up being one of the favorite images from the entire session. Asner decided that although he was booted out of this family combo he would make his grand entrance somehow by plopping down right in front of my lens.

Sometimes as a photographer its easy to get caught up in striving for that perfect shot where all eyes are right to the camera with smiles that radiate for days.But it’s important to appreciate that this image here is the “Perfect” shot. It’s a part of THEIR story, and that’s what matters.



Matt Ehnes is a wedding photographer based in Bozeman, Montana. Although based in Bozeman, Montana, he has traveled all over the world for photography, from the tops of mountains to beachside destination weddings. So far no destination has been too challenging for him to follow. He loves the work he produces, and when he’s not behind a camera, you can find him working on whatever wild aspiration he has set his mind to. Whether it be running a marathon, traveling to learn a new culture, or currently, in the gym lifting weights and behind a fork full of food working on his gains for his next bodybuilding competition, he always is pushing himself to his limit.