Senior Izzy posing in great falls Montana


With a studio located directly in Great Falls, Montana, it’s always nice to have a plethora of seniors book me for their senior pictures. I always enjoy meeting the next generation and seeing how much an eighteen year old can accomplish, as well as learning all the future plans. It’s such an exciting time of someone’s life and I’m always thankful for the reminder of my roots.

This group of senior pictures in Great Falls, Montana brought about some exciting shoots. From trips up to Glacier National Park in Montana to driving a red tail hawk all the way from Portland, this year was anything but boring. Of course, the excitement of my shoots only matched the inconvenience that the COVID-19 pandemic brought the seniors themselves. With the heartache of disrupted athletic ambitions, the disappointments of cancelled graduation parties, and every other change demanded of the world by this virus, I was more than impressed with how each of these seniors and their families remained true to characters of respect and patience. Instead of complaints and excuses, I saw adaptation, and not once did an issue arise that we were not able to tackle head-on. If people like these seniors are going to be leading the world one day, I have no hesitation to let them take the reins early, for we will be in good hands.

Sending the biggest congratulations to the class of 2020! Although this year’s celebrations are in no way traditional, you all deserve to be recognized for your success in completing this big step in your lives. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to know all of you and I hope the best for all of you in your future plans! To the class of 2020!

A senior picture of Karson in Montana near great falls
Maggie is a senior from great falls Montana
Senior Allie posing in a field in great falls Montana
Picture of a senior boy in great falls Montana
A picture of a senior in great falls Montana as a falconer

A session like this obviously needs a caption. Although excited by the idea of shooting a falconer for the first time, the anxiety that also came with it must be noted. Not knowing anything about predatory birds didn’t help. However, once Barb brought out her hawk for the first time and seeing the level of comfort that she had with her immediately dispersed any concern I had for the pictures. I could tell the passion she had for her lifestyle and I knew we’d be able to capture the emotion no problem. If anyone has the opportunity to see a red-tail hawk up close, I strongly encourage to take advantage of the situation. The red and brown colors of the feathers are more vibrant and rich than I’ve ever seen, and the majesty of the creature is indescribable. Never has more respect been demanded of me than when I stared in the hawk’s eyes. It’s also perhaps the most intimidated I’ve ever felt in my life. A lot of people think that humans are the dominant species on planet earth, but one glance in a hawk’s eye may quickly change that perspective for anyone. She may not have been able to say anything, but she definitely told me who was in charge.

I must give Barb a lot of credit. After learning what it takes to be a licensed falconer, I have a lot of admiration for the discipline and sacrifice someone so young gives to her passion. Thank you for sharing this with me and helping me learn about something I had no clue about!

The next senior picture list was taken at Glacier National Park. To learn more about this park click here.

A senior picture of Sam who is from great falls Montana
Senior pictures taken near great falls Montana
Kendyll, a senior from great falls Montana, flinging her hair
Picture of a senior boy in great falls Montana

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