“I used to look at each day as every other day.  NOW, I look at every day as A NEW DAY.” – Brenda, cancer survivor A new day.  A new season.  A new song. That’s our inspiration behind @blubirdproject .  For the past year and a half, we’ve been hearing the most incredible stories from people just like Brenda, people who’ve overcome painful struggles and those who are still fighting. By combining fine art photography and wearable floral art, we strive to create an experience representing the beauty, strength and growth of cancer patients.  It gives those fighting cancer a unique opportunity to step away from the rigors of treatment to take a breath, feel vibrant, and celebrate the moment. We’re honored to introduce BluBird with Brenda.  Her radiant smile beams across a room and her battle with cancer is equally as bright. Brenda is now cancer-free.  She doesn’t take her health for granted and makes it a priority to mentor others during their own personal battles. This is only the beginning for the BluBird Project. We have many more strong and brave people to share with you.  You’ll learn their stories, perspectives & advice.  Join us in their inspiration and in our movement to lift up cancer fighters & survivors.  We look forward to sharing more stories with you from The BluBird Project.