Happy New Years 2018 | Self Study 01

Today was spent reflecting and rediscovering The Who, What, When, Where, Why that I have danced with this past year. Cheers to 2018 – A year of new experiences, bigger goals, and refocused ambitions.



Matt Ehnes is a wedding photographer based in Bozeman, Montana. Although based in Bozeman, Montana, he has traveled all over the world for photography, from the tops of mountains to beachside destination weddings. So far no destination has been too challenging for him to follow. He loves the work he produces, and when he’s not behind a camera, you can find him working on whatever wild aspiration he has set his mind to. Whether it be running a marathon, traveling to learn a new culture, or currently, in the gym lifting weights and behind a fork full of food working on his gains for his next bodybuilding competition, he always is pushing himself to his limit.