Styled wedding bride in Bozeman Montana


This styled wedding bride session in Bozeman, Montana was one for the books! Every styled shoot has its purpose of marketing and showing what different vendors have to offer. After all, the wedding day is important enough where showing how a set up actually looks is worth the investment. However, this was one of those times that everything looked so good all of us wished there were a bride and groom to really enjoy it.

The rustic country edge combined with the luxurious velvet roses and white lace put this decor on some of the most extravagant for Bozeman, Montana. Rustique Montana really outdid themselves with watercolor invitations, crystal glassware, and stoneware to tie the color scheme together with an aegean blue accent. Walking along the decor would make anyone feel as if they’re royalty.

Then, when we thought the perfect mood of a wedding was set, the model bride showed up for the photography shoot. Having known Kylie for some time, I must say she was every kind of beautiful and more. No one could’ve tied the dress to the setting better than she did. Haylie E. of course pulled through with the hair and make up. Kylie’s natural curly hair made everyone develop minor dementia in regards to how beautiful the natural landscape was because no one’s eyes wanted to leave her natural beauty. To help alleviate the amnesia, we had to throw in a horse so everyone remembered we were still photographing a styled wedding bride in Bozeman, Montana.

Although Kylie stole the show, it is hard to miss the wedding dress from Belles & Lace Bridal. They remind everyone that there is no such thing as too much lace. From top to bottom the dress has a base layer of simple lace, but to remind each bride that even though simplicity can be beauty a little design isn’t bad either, thick vines of floral arrangements line the entire dress. Simple elegance is an understatement for Belles & Lace’s dress.

A special thank you to all vendors for contributing to this gorgeous production. There is no question that all products deserve the description of elegance, but a special thank you to Kylie for tying it all together.

Styled model wedding bride in Montana
Wedding bouquet in the country of Bozeman Montana
Country wedding bride styled with a horse
table setting at a wedding in Bozeman Montana
floral design for a wedding in Bozeman Montana
Decor for a Bozeman Montana wedding
Wedding invitations for a bride and groom in Montana Bozeman

Floral: Rustique Montana @rustiqueevents 
MUAH: Haylie Ehnes @haylieemuah
Dress: Belles & Lace Bridal @bellesandlace 
Model: Kylie Stubbs @inferno_warlord

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