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Cody is the second of the Rodger boys to be in front of my lens. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph his older brother, Kyle, for senior portraits—and boy, these two could not be more completely different in interests and style! But they are also two of the most respectful and kind high school boys I have ever met.

Cody is planning on attending Montana Tech with a double major in aerospace engineering. As for his hobbies, he truly embraces the “pedal to the metal” mentality in his 2007 f150. He’s also a diehard snowmobile fanatic who truly has a need for speed.

As it goes with teenagers, Cody wanted to have senior pictures with his beard and long hair and his mother wanted him clean-shaven. Well, he and his mom reached a compromise: he could take the pictures with that look as long as it went away quickly afterward for a second session. When I asked him about the beard, he just said, “There is just something about being able to grow facial hair in 6th grade that makes me like it. Having the best beard in high school is definitely an accomplishment.”

The deal was that there could be a few pictures with long hair and the truck . . . though “a few” may have turned into much more than that—oops. I was extremely inspired to capture that part of him, and one thing led to another until we had a whole portfolio to showcase! The best part was that I got a call from Jana, his mom, the next day scolding me for causing her to fall in love with so many photos of him and his beard!

When Cody showed up for the second half of his session, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A clean shave and haircut can really change how a guy looks! But of course, the next time I saw him after the shoot, the beard was back and coming in stronger than ever.

Thank you, Cody, for posing a new perspective to senior portraits and really embracing you! I can’t wait to see you take on the world after graduation.

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