Every moment in life is an opportunity worth remembering – one of the very reasons I pursued photography. Meeting people, capturing their moments, and sharing their stories photographically is what I live for. Many say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I am here to tell you they are worth a million plus and more.

 Starting a photography foundation in high school, I developed my expertise in California with a focus in commercial work. After completing three years of school and receiving a degree, I found that the industry was filled with endless directions to express myself creatively.

 Recently I have found home in producing work in underwater and conceptually driven photography. However, ultimately it’s sharing a memorable connection with people in front of my lens.

 As i continue my growth and development as an artist, i look forward to crossing paths with so many diverse individuals.

 This has been my dream, my passion, and now ever more so my reality.


About M.E.